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Spice walk, Thekkady Tourism, trekking plantation wlak in Thekkady


Spice Walk is a 110 acre eco friendly plantation that is a delightful voyage of discovery with many pleasant adventures along the way. Getting off the highway (Kollam - Theni NH) guests enter the plantation through a sloping dirt pathway and walk past the yards for drying coffee. Vividly plumed birds serenade in the trees all around, the scents of fresh spices and wild flowers wafting in the air. Further ahead, the path continues, leading into the depths of the plantation winding through coffee bushes with plump, red coffee berries, past vines of pepper and vanilla, past cardamom bushes, tracts of clove, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric and nutmeg. Butterflies weave their magic, adroitly surfing drifting currents of air.

A rivulet formed by the Periyar river meanders through the plantation. Guests seeking a bit of adventure can get off the trodden path and experience exploring the lake on bamboo rafts or rowing across its breadth in coracles. Stocked with an abundance of fish, there are numerous spots on either bank of the lake where guests can indulge in a spot of fishing. The chef in the café attached to the plantation will gladly cook the days catch in the traditional Kerala style, else, guests could opt to set up a barbeque beside the lake and enjoy a picnic.

At different stages during the course of the walk through the plantation, guests will have opportunities to observe at close quarters the processes involved in the cultivation, harvesting, pulping and curing of coffee beans in addition to the cultivation and processing of the many varieties of spices grown on the plantation.

Coffee and spice cultivation and processing

The coffee plants blossom in May and is harvested from November through March. During these months visitors can observe at close quarters and even take part in the different stages involved steps of coffee process including harvesting, de-pulping, fermenting, washing, drying, sorting, toasting and grinding of beans. Cardamom harvest takes place from June through March while pepper is reaped from December to March.

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Spice walk, Thekkady Tourism, trekking plantation wlak in Thekkady