Enjoy the splendour of the hills and grass lands
Spice walk, Thekkady Tourism, trekking plantation wlak in Thekkady



A special treat for those with an adventurous bent of mind - get a boatman or take a boat out on your own or a bamboo raft out into the river or row a coracle across.


Guests can try their hand at fishing. The river is home to gold fish, grass carp, catla and tiger prawns. The chef in the café attached to the plantation will gladly cook the days catch in the traditional Kerala style, else, guests could opt to set up a barbeque beside the river and enjoy a picnic.

Bird Watching

A fascinating variety of endemic and migratory species of birds populate the fruit trees, the coffee bushes and the trees on fringes of rivulet flowing through the property. A local expert well versed in the behavior of birds in the area and the best times for spotting birds is available to guide interested in bird watching.

Trekking & Rock Climbing

The Thekkady area is largely mountainous and offers excellent opportunities for adventure sports such as trekking, angling and rock climbing. Do contact the plantation manager for advice on the best routes to take and any other assistance.

Plantation Visit

Spice Walk is a 110 acre eco friendly plantation that is a delightful voyage of discovery with many pleasant adventures along the way. Getting off the highway (Kollam - Theni NH) guests enter the plantation through a sloping dirt pathway and walk past the yards for drying coffee. Vividly plumed birds serenade in the trees all around, the scents of fresh spices and wild flowers wafting in the air.

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Spice walk, Thekkady Tourism, trekking plantation wlak in Thekkady